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Buchignani Vineyard - Zinfandel - Old Vines planted in 1887

Buchignani Vineyard 

Dry and Organically Farmed

The Buchignani family established their vineyard 135 years ago in the esteemed Dry Creek Valley, renowned worldwide for its exceptional Zinfandel. Throughout the years, they have remained dedicated to dry farming, a practice they continue to uphold. 

The unique climate of Dry Creek Valley contributes to the unparalleled quality of its Zinfandel. The scorching summer days, reaching up to 100°F, prompt the production of high levels of carbohydrates, imparting a robust character and body to the fruit and subsequently the wine. Meanwhile, the cool nights, dipping to 52°F, bestow the wine with a captivating range of strength, character, and flavors that are multi-dimensional.

With meticulous craftsmanship occurring within a 23,000 square foot cave nestled in the heart of Sonoma Valley, the single varietal Zinfandels are carefully vinified to showcase the true essence of Dry Creek Valley's terroir. The winery maintains a longstanding commitment to sulfite-free and low-intervention fermentation methods, ensuring the utmost expression of these Old Vine Zinfandels. After three years of aging in old American barrels, the wines are bottled, capturing their distinctive qualities.

Upon tasting, these Zinfandels exhibit a fragrant bouquet teeming with notes of blackberries, ripe cherries, chocolate, tobacco, licorice, and oak, with hints of allspice and cedar. The palate experiences an explosion of rich fruit, expanding harmoniously in the middle. Despite their elevated alcohol content, the flavors are seamlessly integrated, devoid of any harshness. The intensity of these wines is truly remarkable. The finish is exceptionally long and lingering, providing a delightful conclusion to the tasting experience.

These wines are bold and full of character, destined to bring immense joy and create memorable moments when shared with friends and family.

Especially for the Aficionados Wine Club Members we are offering two Zinfandel Wines from the Buchignani Vineyard.

Zinfandel 2021 - Ready to be bottled during first quarter of 2024

Zinfandel 2023 - Harvest schedule end of August 2023 and bottling in 2026


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